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A happy gardener, I am glad to have found her, has taken away the last of my succulent collections I put together over the last year. The first pickup left me feeling so lonely, but I was prepared this time. Though I surely miss all the leaves that sprouted into plants and as well as the cuttings, there are new leaves to sprout and broken pieces to collect. I was again banned from using empty pots to sprout leaves and plant cuttings. Now I am planting around big plants and in pots so big and hard to get to that no one will likely complain again.

I also discovered that sprouting leaves is three or four times more successful for me when I do it in my room. I just moved five leaves and several cuttings that have grown roots outdoors. I still have several cuttings and twenty-five or more leaves to be rooted in my room.

Below is a picture of what I collected the first week of June.


A couple of weeks ago, I returned home from school to find most of my garden gone.

Although I had made arrangements for someone to collect my garden, I had no idea when she would come. So, one day I went out to visit with my potted creations, only to find them missing. For a moment I was in a state of shock. I had no idea how much I would miss them.

Time has passed and I have gotten used to having a much smaller garden. I continue to collect broken bits and pieces I find during my walks from here to there.

In a few weeks I will move out of where I am living, but I will find a way to continue collecting.

I had to move my garden three times in March

No matter where I put my garden, construction was soon to follow

Taken in March with my cellphone.

I found a succulent piece about half a meter long on a sidewalk about a year ago. I divided it into three pieces and planted them. Nothing seemed to happen for about eight months, but then small leaves started to grow on one piece. Finally, all three grew leaves. Strangely, the original plant had no leaves at all. At about a meter and change tall with maybe twenty-plus fingers reaching to the sky, there was nary a single leaf in sight. I should return to see if there are any leaves now.

I find so many of these. Yesterday, I saw four succulent pieces on the ground. I left them as they lay. I have no place to put them. I would have loved to take them home and plant them.

The long pieces above are new to my collection. I cut them into five pieces and then planted them. It’s about time I start learning the names of what I collect.

I like this pot, because most of the plants in it were grown from leaves I found this winter. They all sprouted, while it was cold outside, in a pot I had in my, always warm, room.

My garden is small. I don’t know know if I have ten pots in total. I used to have more than forty pots of cuttings being rooted, but the house in will be sold, so I have consolidated.

My garden

I use some empty pots to root what I find on my walks these days. I don’t know when I will have to pack in so I will root what I can just for the fun of it.

I have already found someone who will take all of my succulents when I have to leave.

Today, I found a lovely little succulent piece.

I found a big one Tuesday night as well, returning home. To be honest, I had been watching a big piece for almost two weeks. I hoped the gardener would do something with it, but it had dried out so much, so I grabbed it.

Well I put both of them into the ground and now I will wait to see what happens.

I trimmed off the bottom and stuck it into the ground to see if it will sprout. It has in the past. I might get lucky again. I wonder what it is called? I have rooted so many of these, but I don’t know it’s name.

Bits & Pieces of Succulents found on walks & planted to see what will grow.

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